In the last days they have visited the Penedès to learn about the project first-hand, a group of representatives of the zone of the Alavesa’s Rioja. In the delegation were present the President and the Director of the Winemakers’ Association of Alavesa’s Rioja (ABRA) that it groups the totality of the zone producers’, a HAZI’s representative, the Foundation of the Basque Government to support the agricultural food sector and the rural and marine enviroment; and responsibles of the Commonwealth of municipalities of the region (County of Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa).

The delegation began their visit in the building of the Arxiu Comarcal, where they learned about the project first-hand, and the adaptation that has been made in that building connected to the La Girada District Heat and visited the facilities and the district’s boiler. Later they went to a vineyard where the technicians of Nou Verd show them the operation of the picking and shredding machine of the pruning of the vine shoots. In the afternoon they visited the facilities of Vilarnau cavas, where they were able to follow the technical explanations and those of their manager Damià Deàs.

In the Rioja Alavesa they are determined, with the support of the Basque Government, to implement a system of collection of vine shoots to produce energy for the wineries that want to benefit from this program which in turn, will add more value to the production and production processes, whilst ensuring  sustainable production and promoting the development of European policies.