VINEYARDS4HEAT has been selected by the LIFE program of the EU as one of the best projects (BEST LIFE) of those that have been closed during 2016 and 2017, and will participate in the awards ceremony to be held during the EU Green Week which will take place in Brussels during the month of May.

The evaluation system for projects financed through the LIFE program was introduced by the Commission following an initiative taken by Sweden and the Netherlands, which in 2005 was institutionalized through a set of “best practice” criteria agreed upon by the National authorities of the Program. These criteria address the key issues of the contribution of short and long-term projects in environmental, economic and social improvements; its degree of innovation and transfer; its political relevance and its profitability.

The general objective of selection exercise of the best projects is to help to improve the dissemination of LIFE projects results by clearly identifying those projects whose results, if widely applied, could have a more positive impact on the environment.

Initially, all the projects carried out in the reference period by the LIFE Unit for external assistance are evaluated technically to have a first list of the best projects; final selection is carried out by the Member States.

From VINEYARDS4HEAT, we face the challenge that this recognition implies, which encourages us to continue improving our project and disseminate it throughout the wine sector and renewable energies.