The VINEYARD4HEAT project, promoted by the Town Hall Council, the Cooperatives NOU VERD and COVIDES, and the INNOVI Wine Cluster, was started in 2014 with a significant step to guarantee its continuity: the modification of the Statutes of the municipal society of Waters (EMAVSA) so that it could operate as energy services company. During all this time, the project has been demonstrating its technical and economic viability and now, almost reaching the end of its entailment to the LIFE Program of the European Union, the Plenum of the City Council has taken the final step approving, on March 28th, 2017, the economic activity report “to close the circle of the vine using the vine shoots to generate thermal energy through biomass boilers, in order to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by the wine sector and develop the use of renewable energy”. This will be done through “the municipal mercantile society EMAVSA, by means of a commission of management as its own instrumental way and technical service, belonging to the Town hall “.

This means that the municipal company of Waters (EMAVSA) will not only manage the water cycle, but will also produce and market renewable thermal energy, managing the current Heat District and beginning its expansion to other facilities and predicting growth towards other areas of the city. With this agreement, which complies with one of the commitments established with the LIFE Program, Vilafranca opts for the Central European model of municipal services companies that provide the population with basic services in an environmentally friendly manner and at the same time, make the city more innovative and competitive.