On Thursday 25th of May it was held in Cavas Vilarnau a Conference day of the project forming part of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the presence of the LIFE program of the E.U. dedicated to the promotion of good practices in the management of environment and climate, as remarked by the coordinator of VINEYARDS4HEAT, Jordi Cuyàs, at the presentation of the event, which also highlighted the importance of the bio economy, which with its agri-food, forestry and biomass management sectors represents 6.5% of the country’s GDP and 8% of employment. A sector that is immersed in the process of Energetic Transformation, as well as Food Transformation, which has as a challenge the improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of the use of fertilizers and pesticides at a time when the consumer wants totally healthy food.

On the Conference Day were presented two speeches; One of Albert Casas, who presented the engineer Aleix Rifà, in which they exposed the characteristics that must meet a boiler to burn vine shoots, -which if robust and ready to be fed this material in its system, would not encounter any operational problems-. The other was presented by the manager of Cavas Vilarnau, Damià Deàs, exposing how this company manages issues related to the environment and climate, such as water consumption or thermal energy produced with a boiler ready to burn biomass from the vineyard.

The Conference Day was attended by energy consultants from various wineries in the country, including the company that is conducting the study on the energy expenditure of Cavas Perelada, which is the previous step so that the company can decide whether to implement a biomass vineyard boiler in its wineries. There were also some consultants from Aragon who work with agricultural biomass of various types and one could see once again the viability of this biomass and the need to value it, since it is generated every year and it is necessary to use it to close the CO2 circle in agriculture. Representatives from Nou Verd and Innovi participated in the conference and shared their experiences with the attendees.