The VINEYARDS4HEAT website has published the final report of this LIFE project, also called LAYMAN’S REPORT, in Catalan, Spanish and English, in order to facilitate the real information of the experience to all the people and entities interested in knowing it and replicate it.

The report sets out the location of the project, its organization, explains the Vineyards Virtuous Circle which transforms a residue into an energy resource and gives some figures as well as everything that generates beyond energy.

The report focuses on the process of biomass collection, which identifies as a key element, explaining the commitment and planning with farmers and technical innovations in agricultural machinery, to present the logistics management of the biomass, key to the viability of the project.

It explains how the energy is produced, the time when the vine is transformed into heat, with technical considerations about the boilers and on the biomass of the vineyard.

The report draws a number of conclusions, such as the feasibility of the Vineyards Virtuous Circle, that the biomass of the vine is underestimated and can provide much more than what people think, that Penedès may become a wine region of reference in sustainability as well as a series of recommendations to replicate the project in other wine regions.

Finally, the report makes mention of the award given to Vilafranca del Penedès as a SUSTAINABLE CITY 2016 by the Fundación Fórum Ambiental with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment for having worked on turning a residue into an energy resource and it ends in how it has been laid the foundations to ensure its continuity through a municipal company.

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