On September 23rd, with the grape harvest in the Penedès already well advanced, the Project Coordinator Team met to prepare actions to be developed during the next winter pruning. The COVIDES Cooperative has already in place a list of winegrowers who will join the program and to whom will collect the pruning they have done or will work with the prototype that makes the pre-pruning and collection simultaneously.

Moreover, the Cooperative NOU VERD is preparing both the supply of biomass collection last winter as next season collection of pruning and pre-pruning. One of the innovative elements for this upcoming season will be the use of a computer program to take full advantage of the work of machinery and transport, avoiding unnecessary mileage. At the same time, the INNOVI entity, the Wine Cluster of Catalonia, will continue to work with several wineries to go spreading the system to close the circle of the vine and to create synergies in energy issues with the cork industry, very interested also to take advantage of leftovers to produce energy.

From the Project Coordination will continue contacts with various municipalities interested in using biomass vine and will start preparing a meeting with engineers and technicians in energy production systems to go explaining the project.