On Wednesday, the 22nd of March, the Committee of Governance of “VINEYARDS4HEAT” met to analyze the works realized since it began the extension of the project and to foresee the activities of his final section.

The meeting was presided by the Mayor of Vilafranca, Mr. Pere Regull, and it counted among other assistants with the presence of the President of Nou Verd, Mr. Xavier Vallès, the Managers of INNOVI and COVIDES, Mrs. Alejandro Utrera and Ricard Gil, as well as the manager of Caves Vilarnau, Mr. Damià Deàs and the manager of the Local Water’s Company of Vilafranca, Mr. Xavier Mas.  In the analysis of the last actions there was stated the interest woken up in persons in charge of diverse wine zones who have visited during the last months Vilafranca’s Heat District or the facilities of Caves Vilarnau, the good operation of the boilers in this second year of functioning, the pruning done in very adverse circumstances – as much for small quantity as for the constant raining during the winter – and the impulse given by Vilafranca’s Town hall in order that the municipal water’s company to manage the thermal energy in the villa.

As for the future projects, they focused mainly on preparing two Technical Conferences designed for two very concrete groups; the first one will be directed to technical consultants of energy subjects so that they learn in depth the operation of the project and have all the elements to be able to install them in the companies; this conference will be held in Vilafranca at the end of April and will be supported by the Energy Efficiency Cluster of Catalonia.

The other will take place at the end of May at Caves Vilarnau and it will be directed to the whole of the wineries and cavas of Catalonia and will be supported by VINARI, the Wine Tasting Academy of Penedès, as well as INNOVI, the Wine Cluster of Catalonia, partner of the project.

In the course of the meeting there was stated that the Heat District was reaching a production of 500 thousand kW. and we toasted to the award granted to Vilafranca statewide as Sustainable City due to the use of the vine shoots as resource for energy instead of burning them in the vineyard as a waste.