”Vilafranca, one Megawatt more of Biomass” is an essential component of a transformative initiative of the Penedès territory initiated with the ”VINEYARDS4HEAT” project. After demonstrating its viability with two and a half years of experience and coordination of the actors of the territory, we want to move forward with the extension and establishment of a biomass heat network in Vilafranca del Penedès, whose project goes ahead and has been presented to the ERDF call.

In this sense, the general objective of the project is to promote the use of renewable energies in municipal buildings and facilities with the installation of new points of use of agricultural biomass for local self-consumption. The start-up of this new facility in the area of the sports complex involves reaching the production of 1 MW from renewable energy from the pruning of the vineyard.

The specific objectives needed to achieve the general objective are the following:

  • Build and put into service the facility of the centralized production of thermal energy with biomass from the pruning of the vineyard.
  • Start up the distribution by means of a heat network in the buildings and equipments of municipal ownership of the sports area (Aquatic Complex and the Hockey and Gamba Pavilions), feeding the heating systems, production of sanitary hot water and climatization, with an installation that, by having the municipal swimming pools, will work 24 hours a day / 365 days a year;

The main expected results are:

  • Expansion of the heat network with vines biomass in Vilafranca: 450 Tons (t) of biomass planned (1,876,000 kWh / year / 4,116 kWh per Kg)
  • Thermal production with 1 MW more of power from renewable energies (biomass) in Vilafranca;
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, avoiding the emission of 379 tons / year.