Within the framework of the project “Vineyards4heat”, in which the Town Council of Vilafranca and entities and companies of the wine sector work to use pruning from vines to produce thermal energy with the support of the EU LIFE programme, a working meeting has been held between the Heads of the Stadwerke (municipal company model that provides water, energy and other services to the German cities) of Bühl and the leaders of the municipal company EMAVSA, that provides water to Vilafranca and other surrounding municipalities and which also studies how to promote thermal energy.

The working session was attended by the Mayor of Bühl and the Deputy Mayor of Vilafranca, Aureli Ruiz, who are the respective presidents of the two municipal companies, as well as executives and technicians of these companies and heads of the Town Council of Vilafranca and of the consultancy firm in charge of the implementation of the heat network in the equipment building of La Girada. The objective of the session was to analyze the functioning of this model of public supply company in Germany, which is successfully leading the change process of a society which produced energy in a centralized manner, expensive and polluting, into a model in which the production is being decentralized and stressing the emphasis in renewable energies and, at the same time, to a lower cost to the citizens and greater managerial capacity and resources to the Town Council.

The delegation from Vilafranca has reinforced its decision to move ahead, within the possibilities of the municipality, of the region and of the legislation (which is far more restrictive and centralized in Spain), with this model of production and public and decentralized distribution of these basic services to the citizenship and to the economy of the territory.