In the framework of a summer course at the University of Zaragoza, last July 2nd  a meeting of LIFE projects specialized in healthy eating and the production of renewable energy, especially in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors, took place in Huesca. In this sense, one of the projects was REWIND, which promotes renewable energy profitable systems small scale in the food industry and in rural areas and which Viñas del Vero winery in the Somontano Designation of Origin is part. Another project was VINEYARDS4HEAT that exposed the reality already contrasted to close the circle of the vine, using biomass the pruning of the vines to heat, which has been proven completely effective at the installations of the Municipality of Vilafranca and Vilarnau wineries that work exclusively with this product.

One of the projects presented in healthy eating section was ZERO WASTE, an initiative that promotes tend to production and sustainable supply chain for stone fruit. Their bases are rationalizing the use of chemical pesticides and adoption of alternative technologies to combat diseases and pests, while enhances the natural resistance of trees through nutrition. The goal is to get products with residue levels below 0.01, which also improve the product from the point of view of health, prevent soil degradation and contamination of groundwater.