For reference:
The framework project of technical nature has already been carried out in order to be able to begin, with the maximum guarantees of success, the tendering procedure to make possible the heating network in the area of equipments in the neighbourhood of La Girada during 2015. Once completed, the company which will carry out the construction of the network and installation of the boiler can already be contracted.

With this project, the Town Council of Vilafranca will make possible that the equipments managed by the council in that area, the Regional Archives, the Nursery, the Dolors Piera School and the Centre of Pedagogical Resources, to have a single boiler, which will be located next to the Regional Archives, and which will connect the buildings through a network, to which in the future the High School and the Courts may be added.

With this installation, which in the near future will be carried out in other equipments and facilities, such as the municipal swimming pool, the Town Council contributes to the reduction of CO2, to saving energy and to the stimulation of the Penedès economy, all together with the wine sector to close the vine circle and use wastes as an energy resource.