The cooperative NOU VERD, as a partner of the project “Vineyards for Heat” carries out the logistics. So it has a crushing – collector machine that collects vine pruning, raises it from soil to clean it, then crushes, and charges it for its transportation to the store, and once there, it dries and, without further manipulation,it can be carried to the boiler.
This warehouse is located near Vilafranca, on the road of Castellví, in the industrial store buildings that years ago had been an aluminum factory that was an emblem of pollution. Now, one of these factory stores that has 800 m2, as well as 5,000 m2 more for the immense courtyard of the installation is available to NOU VERD for dry branches and to complete the logistics by transferring them to the place of consumption.Thus, these warehouses are now a new emblem of energy sustainable Km.0, with enough capacity to store the necessary biomass for the following season to this point near boilers.
At the same time work continues on a prototype that is capable of making the pre-pruning in the vineyards in espalier, without falling it to the ground, giving the highest quality and preventing further manipulation of the product.