One of the objectives of the Project “Vineyards4heat”, promoted by the Town Council of Vilafranca, Covides, Innovi and Nou Verd in the framework of the European Union LIFE Programme, is that vine shoots from vine pruning are in the best possible conditions to create fuel without further treatment.

For this, a prototype of vine pre-pruner is currently underway. It avoids that already cut vine shoots fall to the ground, and which is being improved for the upcoming season. A machine that collects, cleans and smashes the pruning has been already tested with remarkable success. This machine, which has been brought to the area by the cooperative Nou Verd, has collected material from several vines in the Penedès, which will be used to feed the biomass boilers which are being installed within the framework of the Project, such as the boiler in Caves Vilarnau or the boiler in the heating network tendered by the Town Council of Vilafranca to heat up some facility buildings in the neighbourhood of La Girada.