One of the objectives of INNOVI to improve winemaking processes (both still and sparkling) is to contribute to the reduction of CO2 at all stages of the production process, from the vineyard to the bottle and the final transport . Therefore, we are promoting and participating in various programmes, ranging from the quantification of CO2 in the process of developing a bottle of sparkling wine (pioneer in the world) to the participation in the project Vineyards4heat, which will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, as it prevents uselessly burn of pruning in the vineyard and the use of petroleum products for producing heat and cold in the cellars.

Two manufacturing companies are participating in this pilot project, Codorniu and Vilarnau, which have been making progress in the development of the project to switch to biomass from vine to get thermal energy in their cellars. Nowadays, Vilarnau already has the mechanism to start implementing soon the changes in the cellar and Codorniu has made great progress, works co-ordinately with its cellar of Raimat, where there is an already operational pilot plant, in which the initial tests are being carried out and where a feasibility study of the implementation of the new technology in the Penedès area is being implemented.