The old aluminium factory, from symbol of pollution to emblem for CO2 reduction.

The cooperative of social initiative Nou Verd, responsible for the management of biomass (collection, storage and supply), already has the land which will be used as a stockyard of biomass.

This land, located in the old aluminium factory Productos Agma, S.A., consists of paved roof of 875 m2 and an adjacent area of 4,000 m2. The place meets all requirements for biomass storage and it is another example of the change that this programme involves, because it is not only environmental-friendly, but also catches up with the symbol of the old way of understanding industrial production, which was highly polluting, to turn it into an area to storage biomass, which will provide energy to industries and equipments.

In 2006 the Generalitat of Catalonia approved the Management Plan submitted by Borna, owner of the former Agma SA, now called Popama, and agreed with the Town Council its execution to remove all wastes by transferring them to duly managed and authorized landfills to manage this type of material in accordance with regulations on industrial waste. Now it is the key space of the project Vineyards for Heat.