Monthly Archives: May 2016

1705, 2016

Rewind, renewable energy in the wine industry

The ultimate goal of the Rewind project is to demonstrate that, in the agricultural sector and rural industry, the use of renewable energies is technically, environmentally and economically feasible, taking as a demonstration the wine sector. And further, promote its use as a regular option.

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1305, 2016

EuroPruning, Branching out to new bioenergy supplies

The EuroPruning project seeks to create a growth on the European market of solid biofuels transforming pruning waste into a valuable source of fuel through the development of solutions to optimize the collection of pruning, transportation, storage and logistics.

The mobilization of available pruning residues could generate more than 30,000 jobs in Europe, bringing social and […]

1305, 2016

ADVICLIM, Adaptation of viticulture to climate change

In the current context of climate change, the wine industry is facing multiple challenges, including adapting its practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to its activities.

In response to these challenges, recognising the need to assess climate and its impact on viticulture at the vineyard scale, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project aims to study climate change adaptation […]

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