On the 23rd, a group of Aragonese companies organized by the CIRCE research center in the framework of the uP_running project (www.up-running.eu), working on a European program to optimize the state of the use of vegetal remains to obtain biomass, in collaboration with ASAJA Aragón, came to know first hand the project of VINEYARDS4HEAT.  Among other companies serving agriculture, machinery manufacturing and fruit production, there was a large representation of the Bodega Cooperativa y Destilería San Valero, leader of the D.O. Cariñena with about 800 associates, and the Cooperative Bodega San Juan Bautista from Fuendejalón, to the D.O. Campo de Borja, with about 400 associates.

The visit consisted of three parts. In the first one, attendees were greeted by the leaders of VINEYARDS4HEAT in the Arxiu Comarcal de Vilafranca building, where they were able to check their efficiency in a building that works entirely with renewable energy and is connected to the “La Girada Heat District” which works at 100% with vine pruning. In addition to receiving explanations about the project, they also visited the facilities of the boiler, which is located next to the building. In the second, they went to a vineyard, in which Nou Verd officials demonstrated on the ground the operation of the machine that directly collects and grinds the shoots without needing any other treatment. In turn they were able to analyze the machine with detail.

In the afternoon, the visitors were divided into two groups. One went to Bodegas Torres to see the operation of a mixed biomass boiler (forest and vine pruning) that provides heat to the facilities of the central warehouse of his company located in Pacs del Penedès while the other, visited the facilities of a company of Services to the viticulture of the region. After completing the visits, the participants were able to get a better idea of ​​the possibilities offered by the shoots as biomass to close the circle of the vine.