Taking advantage of a work day of the BIO4ECO Interreg Europe project, on Friday October 27th, a group of experts on Energy of the Public Administration of Catalonia (ICAEN, Provincial Council, Forest Technology Center of Catalonia, BosCat, …) visited Vilafranca to know first hand the “VINEYARDS4HEAT” project and to put in value the agricultural biomass in the framework of the regional policies for biomass that are being worked on in the EU in the BIO4ECO project.

The conference, which opened Adriano Raddi of the Forest Technology Center of Catalonia and coordinator of BIO4ECO, focused on the role of biomass for energy purposes as an alternative to fossil fuels and the consequent transition to a new Catalan energy model, based in renewable resources and the rural world. The coordinator of “Vineyards4Heat”, Jordi Cuyàs, explained the objectives of the project of the Penedès, insisting on the use of agricultural pruning as a fuel already tested in wineries and at the District of Heat of Vilafranca.

During the meeting, the operation of the forest biomass chain in Slovenia was analyzed to draw conclusions for Catalonia and the facilities of the District Heat of Vilafranca were visited following the explanations of the Environmental technique of the City council, Laura Carbó. The participants could verify on the ground the practical effectiveness of the proposals that are on the table to make possible the transition towards the new energy model.