Thursday, October 29th second-year students of Higher Level Vocational Training School of Viticulture and Oenology Mercè Rossell i Domènech (Espiells) of Sant Sadurní, accompanied by their teachers, visited the biomass boiler installed in Caves Vilarnau, under the “Vineyards4Heat” project as a case study of the Training Unit on Evaluation of By-products.

The students were welcomed by the Director of the Caves, Damià Deas who was pleased of the interest of the training centres and youth who are studying vine and wine-growing  to delve into production processes that reduce CO2, improving the Environment and providing more self-sufficiency energy at wineries, at the same time improving  economic performances. The visit was carried by the Project Coordinator, Jordi Cuyàs, and by the oenologist of Caves Vilarnau, Eva Plazas.

Cuyàs presented the content of the project emphasizing the importance of Km.0 energy production and not relying on the big lobbies that control the energy sector and, consequently, the economy of the countries; the improving the Environment and the no dependence on these groups was considered as the same objective to be achieved by companies in the sector, both in the already consolidated, where will work many of these young students, as those born, some of them also by those students. Meanwhile, Eva Plazas carried the visit to the new facilities, explaining the whole process of energy production that have launched by the Project, answering questions from students. How could it be otherwise, the visit ended with a glass of cava Vilarnau.