The works of installing a biomass boiler next to  the Regional File building have been started a few weeks ago and is already visible the excavation where will be located the boiler and tank to store the remains of pruning in the vineyard, which will feed it.

The boiler  have to  become operational at the end of December and must provide hot water to the building of the Regional Archive, children’s nursery El Parquet, school Dolors Piera  and the Daycare and Educational Resource Center. Also the installation will be prepared for when the Institute of  La Girada has its own  building.With the project called District Heat  of La Girada the municipality of Vilafranca wants  to demonstrate the effectiveness of the remains of pruning in the vineyard, abundant and maximum proximity, as a resource to generate energy.

Councillor for Urban Services and Environment, Josep Maria Martí, has advanced that the Heat District project goes beyond the installation of the boiler. The City Council wants to end “disconnecting” the building of the Regional Archive, making it self-sufficient energy.For this reason, the installation of photovoltaic panels is getting ready and also raises the possibility of using surplus energy to include spaces with charging point for electric cars in the parking that  will be located upon the level that covers the train tracks, next to the Archive building.

District Heat  of La Girada includes within the project  Vineyards for Heat which in turn is inside of the European LIFE program framework.