From the beginning of the project we have aimed that the shoots that come from the work of pruning the vines are in the best possible conditions for fuel without any further treatment. So we purchased a machine pruning collector that is already on the ground (whether the vine layout is set in a traditional way or on a trellis), virtually unknown here until now, and we started to develop a prototype for the pre-pruning vines on trellises so to ensure that the vine trimmings would not fall onto the ground, so the machine could proceed to crushed it, and then it could be easily collected by the tractor.

It is understood that this prototype should be light and attachable in a tractor to cut down costs and make it affordable to many viticultural areas and businesses. During pruning 2016, were made the first tests with results still not satisfactory, since it failed to pick up a part of the pre-pruning falling to the ground.

During this time, a number of improvements have been made to the machine, basically implementing a much more powerful vacuum and introducing a new way of cutting in the process, so that the pieces of branch become much smaller. Recently, they have taken place the first tests in a vineyard in Vilafranca del Penedès, with a very positive outcome, but it is believed that still can be improved, so that during the coming weeks there will be making changes on it and testing up to have a vine pre-pruner adequate for the aims of the project.