The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Jordi Ciuraneta inaugurated Friday, October 13 the new biomass booth of Caves Vilarnau in Sant Sadurní. He was accompanied by the manager of Vilarnau, Damià Deàs; the president of Fernandez Byass group, Mauricio Gonzalez; and the Mayoress of Sant Sadurní, Maria Rosell. With this system is foreseen to obtain in greener way 22% of the total energy consumed in Caves Vilarnau, evaluated so far at 25,000 litres of diesel oil.

With the combustion of biomass, from vine pruning leftover, will reduce the consumption of fuel aimed to increase the water temperature until 80 degrees (for heating, cleaning barrels …) and move towards the way of environmental sustainability. In this sense, Ciuraneta commented that “such important is the sustainability of the environment as economic, because if the project were not profitable would have no reason for being.”

Mauricio Gonzalez, meanwhile, expressed his enthusiasm for this project, which is linked to the values ​​of the cellars of Sant Sadurní, aware with the environment, but also with constant innovation: “It is important to be careful with the environment and, above all, if you can recover the investment as in our case, that we have foreseen pay off the boiler in the next 3 years”.

The manager Damià Deàs explained that “this is a bit more to close the circle of sustainability so that nature keeps on providing us a good product” and encouraged those present to continue in this line and to contribute all together to the territory. This path towards sustainability is also possible thanks to the facilities of the same cellars, that collect water in ponds that surround the main facility, and the promotion of natural cork and subsequent recycling through the campaign “You recycle, Vilarnau transforms” .

The initiative presented counts on the participation of COVIDES, with its 400 wine growers who provided the vine shoots; Nou Verd, together with the municipality of Vilafranca, who boosted the initiatives; Cluster INNOVI, Codorniu, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Union through the Life project ” Vineyards for Heat”.

Ciuraneta also advanced plans of the Generalitat de Catalunya in this matter, since 15 million euros will be invested in 26 boilers to be installed in public buildings. “This investment will generate 150 jobs,” he said.