Last March, the municipal board of the Town Council of Vilafranca agreed to approve the record of procurement of the works and installation of development, supplier and subsequent actions of a biomass boiler which used vine shoot as combustible material, together with the works of the distribution network of heat to some public equipments in the neighbourhood of La Girada, placing the boiler next to the Regional Archives. Among the many candidate enterprises to the contest, the Town Council, according to the rules of a restricted procedure, selected 5 based on their experience in heat networks and use of vine or agricultural biomass, which submitted a basic project of the installation, of which one was selected to develop the final project, that includes the adaptation of the heating system of some of these equipments.

It is expected that the company selected, a joint venture sets up for that purpose, submits the final project and builds the network and installs the boiler, storage and deposit system of the material in autumn, to be operational next winter, providing service to the Regional Archives, the School Dolors Piera, the Learning Resource Centre, and the nursery Lola Anglada, in addition to being ready to providing service both the new secondary school, as soon as it starts, and the Courts if an agreement is reached. Coinciding with the implementation of the heating network, an European Symposium is expected to be held in Vilafranca with towns of wine cities members of RECEVIN (European Network of Wine Cities) and partners of several European initiatives interested in making use of vine pruning and reducing CO2 that the wine sector generates.

The project that has been selected foresees a facility that can be viewed by the public, so that we move forward on the idea that we must preserve the environment by reducing the production of CO2 and producing our own energy, using the heat from sun to the biomass of proximity produced with grapes. The project also proposed a boiler, of higher power than planned, so that other facilities can be joined in the future if so it is decided.

In addition to this project, in the framework of the European Programme LIFE, the Town Council of Vilafranca is preparing some other projects for generation of heat through vine biomass in other places of the town with high-calorific consumption.