Last November 25th was held a technical workshop, in the framework of the Annual Plan for Technology Transfer from the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Catalonia, in which the project “Vineyards for heat” exposed the viability of take advantage of the pruning of the vines to generate thermal energy in boilers, treating this biomass as a resource and not as a residue.

Under the project LIFE “Vineyards for heat”, the municipality of Vilafranca organized jointly with the Forest Technology Center of Catalonia, a technical seminar about the use and exploitation of biomass coming from the branches of vine. The seminar, which took place in the building called Enològica, was held with the participation of more than forty people, many of them coming from the wine sector, together with other professionals in the sector who have technically analyzed the biomass from the vineyard, pointing out its ability to generate energy as the rest of the biomass, as well as the technical conditions that must be taken into account in the feeding of boilers.

From the Forest Technological Center of Catalonia, and specifically from the area of ​​ wood and biomass, Mireia Codina was responsible for talking about the specifics of the vine shoots as fuel for boilers of medium or large power.

From the  Vilafranca Town Council insist on the enormous potential that could have the generation of energy kilometer zero which is now a residue from farming activity; not only in the Penedès, but also in other wine regions. The event was attended by several heads of the organizations associated with the project, as the President of Covides, Joan Marcé and managers of the following firms:  Innovi, Nou Verd and Covides.