In recent weeks it has been signed the prolongation document of the Project with the responsible of LIFE until May 31st of this year, in order to consolidate it with the following actions:


– Carry out a second season of pruning that will allow:

  • Test the new version of the pre-pruning machine.
  • Obtain more performance data by type of vine; this would improve the operating system and organization of the collecting campaign.


– Have a full year of data operation of the District Heating (DH) at full capacity, since the previous winter did not start its implementation until February. It also may provide more reliable data, given that the winter of 2015/16 was nearly anomalous cold and consumption data and operation of the DH may not be representative and therefore could be good have data for a whole winter season.


– Go deeply into the business model linked to energy management. Implement the new role of the municipal water company, which will begin to sell heat energy to facilities of external organizations of Town Hall.


– Go deeply into the awareness of the value of agricultural biomass. The project is working on this line but it has been detected it need to stress.  The prolongation of the project will help to emphasize this aspect, especially among professionals who advise companies on energy.