Biomass of the vineyard at Bodegues Torres

Energy consumption is an important factor in the operation of a company, as it directly affects production costs, increasing or decreasing business competitiveness. Under this premise, the motor group of energy of the Strategic Plan of the Penedès held in the Auditorium of the Bodeguess Torres de Vilafranca the conference Energy self-generation in companies. Success stories in the Penedès to present business experiences in the territory with new energy models based on the generation of own energy for self-consumption, whether electricity or thermal energy.

The session set out the experiences of Bodegues Torres (Biomass of the vine and forestry and Solar), of Celler Gramona (Geothermal and Solar), of Paperera Pere Valls (Biomass), of Alcoholera CADES (biogas and biomass with the residue of the grape) and of Can Pascol rural tourism farmhouse (Biomass).

The opening ceremony was by the president of the Mancomunitat Penedès Garraf, Rosa Huguet, and the secretary of the Fundació Pro Penedès, Joan Manel Montfort. Huguet affirmed that ” companies are increasingly more aware that we must take care of the environment and that we are responsible for tomorrow. We can not afford the most expensive energy in Europe when we have qualified people to make changes. There is a long way ahead”. In the same sense Montfort came out that “we are facing a new industrial revolution. We are moving towards an energy transition, but it is a slow process and the complicity between the private sector and the local administration is necessary to reflect on new forms of energy generation”. The closing ceremony was by the Director of the Institut Català de l’Energia, Assumpta Farran.