On the 6th of June, once finished and formalized the contract with the LIFE programme, the Project Coordination Committee met to evaluate the work carried out and to prepare the documentation to be submitted to the European Commission in the coming weeks. To the meeting, the Commission’s instructor Mariona Salvatella attended the project, who in turn visited the facilities of Cavas Vilarnau, where the manager, Damià Deàs explained the objective of the company to operate with sustainable environmental parameters, and the winemaker Eva Plazas showed the most sensitive points of the Cava from this perspective.

During the meeting of the Committee, the work carried out during these three years was assessed as very positive, both demonstrating the viability of the vine shoots as biomass to generate thermal energy, and by extension as a large part of the agricultural biomass, as the explanation in other European wine areas that could replicate the project as well. At the same time, it was stated a big improvement in the collection system, although it could still be improved, and in the transformation of the municipal company of waters of Vilafranca into a company that can also commercialize thermal energy. At this point we are working on the project to implement this model in a Cava, to deliver from the Heat District of Vilafranca to a residence for elderly people through the municipal company and analyze the possibility of installing it in a large chemical company of the region that wants to use renewable energy of km.0.

Two of the weaknesses detected are the reluctance of the companies’ technical consultants when it comes to bet on these energies and the difficulty of investment by their own companies that have not yet repaid their current facilities. In this respect, we will continue to insist on energy technicians and evaluate the possibility of introducing ourselves in a European programme that will help to invest in the change of energy model.