Once lined the final stretch of the VINEYARDS4HEAT project, within the EU LIFE programme, it has seemed necessary to organize a Meeting aimed at those in charge of the Catalan wine cellars so that you can visit and discuss with your colleagues, who are working with the biomass of the vineyard to produce thermal energy, closing the circle of the vineyard.

We are aware of the difficulties involved in starting up new energy system, but at the same time, we can present the results of this biomass with all the disadvantages and solutions we have found for each one of them.

It is not necessary to stress out that it is a time to focus on the energy solutions, as there are many sectors that are promoting projects to move towards a more sustainable world. In our country, despite the legal difficulties to produce energy in the margin of the conventional centralized systems, signs progress being taken. Some examples are the award obtained by Vilafranca del Penedès as Sustainable City at a Spanish level delivered by the Environment Minister for the project VINEYARDS4HEAT or the decision of the Barcelona City Council to constitute Spain’s largest municipal power company.

For all this, we invite you to participate in this event which will be held in a winery that uses this biomass and in which you can confront problems and solutions.

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