On April 27th, a day that was especially cold with the heating going on, was held at the headquarters of the Alt Penedès Regional Archives, which is part of the La Girada Heat District which runs exclusively with biomass of the vineyard, a conference day dedicated to technicians of the Administration and to Companies that support the decision-making in energy matters, as they know firsthand the practical functioning of this biomass.

The conference day was attended by 25 technicians from different sectors who were able to see firsthand how the design of the facilities in this heat district was carried out by its editor engineer Aleix Rifà; what requirements it has the boiler to be a case of success using agricultural biomass, which explained in great detail the responsible for the installation of the boiler, Albert Casas, insisting that the success of the operation depends on having a robust boiler prepared to burn this type of material, which in this case is done without more problems than the usual ones in any energy installation, and without any treatment of the vine shoots once collected. Finally, Daniel Cerveró presented both the facilities to finance this type of installation equipment and his positive experience in promoting the Cavas Vilarnau boiler as well.

After a wide debate among all the attendees, they visited the silo and the boiler located next to the building of the Archive, where they were able to confirm the explanations that had been made earlier. The day reinforced the general conviction of technicians that it is possible to advance in the circular economy in the wine sector and the usefulness of agricultural biomass as renewable thermal energy of proximity, and specifically the one of the vineyard.